Modification of the Civil Procedure Law

The congress approves the modification of the Civil Procedure Law to finally in order to get the process quick and simplified eviction process, achieving greater protection of private property rights and resolving the big problem of the last years with housing occupiers. This law is addressed to natural persons who own homes, non-profit entities and public entities that own or own legitimate social housing, excluding private managers of social housing, closing the door to bank and vulture funds.

 Law may request the immediate recovery

This law may request the immediate recovery of the full possession of a house or part of it, when they have been deprived without their consent. The sentence will have to be dictated within 20 days. A notification will be transferred to the occupants, demanding that they justify the possession situation, with the existence of sufficient title to own the home or for lack of title of the claimant, they will have to respond with a period of 5 days. If this justification is not provided, the court will order the immediate delivery of possession of the home, from which no appeal is made. With the consent of the parties concerned, is given the possibility of communication to social services, so that within 7 days from eviction may take protective measures where appropriate proceed.

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