“The priority of our law firm is to offer an individual and high-quality service, therefore it is necessary to deal with any problem globally, considering all the matters involved and possible scopes while applying our comprehensive legal knowledge.”

Corporate and investment service:
• Legal representation in Spain to companies and individuals.
• Formation of companies, business openings and Corporate and Business advice.
• Accountancy and fulfilling all the compulsory tax declarations.
• Tax and Finance advice.
• Protocol prevention of money laundering.
• Procedures and defence before the Public Administration, activity licences, construction permits, registration into specialised registries, etc.
• Project management “joint venture”
• Investment advice and legal risk prevention.
• Corporate forms advice.
• Legal assistance and defence in transactions
• Studying and analysis of the viability of a business plan.

Real Estate Management:
• Advice and legal control of real estate transactions, company’s assets trading, hotels and other businesses.
• Property management.
• Legal control when carrying out a construction.
• Setting up and management real estate companies.
Legal proceedings:
• Defence our clients’ interests before the Spanish Courts in civil, corporate, arbitration, criminal, administrative and labour proceedings.

Data and image protection:
• Data protection advice.
• Registration files
• Clauses, conventions and company’s manuals.
• Legal action when it comes to data protection infringement.

Other services:
• Translations into Russian and Spanish by interpreters.
• Administrative services.

Services provided to foreigners in Spain:
• Representation of foreigners before the Public Spanish Administrations
• Interests’ defence when negotiation with others.
• NIE and VISA processing in Spain.
• International Private Law and International trade matters
• International inheritance proceedings and procedures foreigners’ will in Spain.
• Importations of goods.
• Foreign ships and car’s legal rules.
• International minor’s movement.

• Civil, corporate and international trade contracts.
• Formalisation of bilingual contracts (Spanish, English, Russian and French).

Intellectual property and corporate models:
• Patent registration, marks and utility model.
• Franchising registration.

Services in Andorra and Russia:
• Setting up companies in Andorra and Russia.
• Tax advice.
• Legal, finance and tax assistance in international operations of companies which want to establish in Andorra and Russia.
• Administrative procedures.
• International contracting.
• Advice and accounting advice.
• Consolidation of financial statements.
Business in Russia. Representation of the Spanish companies based in Russia.
Business in Andorra.

Do you wish to buy a property in Spain? Are you wondering how and where to start?
By contacting Koperus BLS, we will offer you proper advice regarding purchase-sale transactions, on several ways of proceeding your VISA, Spanish basic legislation and tax consultancy.
Our legal team will be pleased to provide you with all the information and assistance you need.
On our website, you can also find out information regarding purchase-sale transactions and VISA procedures in Spain.
Do you have a conflict with the counterpart? Are you looking for an attorney who can defend your interests before the courts?
Koperus BLS lawyers will provide you advise regarding your rights, they will explain you court cases formalities in Spain, they will analyse the situation, they will help you when it comes to negotiate in order to obtain an amicable settlement and they will defend your interests before the courts.
Our attorneys are specialised in the following areas:
– Criminal Law
– Civil Law
– Corporate Law
– Labour Law
– Administrative Law
Are you looking for an investment project in Spain? Do you need qualified legal support?
Acquisition of companies, formalization of joint venture agreements, acquisition of businesses, shopping center, hotels, gas station or other types of business. All these operations require an exhaustive legal and economic analysis and in many cases a specialized advice from an expert.
In Spanish legislation there are many aspects that must be taken into account previously so as to prevent legal risks.
Our legal experts will offer you a proper guarantee. They will advise you appropriately, they will draft bilingual contracts, they will inform you regarding tax duties and they will assist you with the signing at the Notary’s office.
Are you a resident in Spain and own businesses in different countries? Do you have doubts regarding tax residency and accrual taxes?
Any natural person can be considered tax resident in one country, but the determination is not always easy and sooner or later the Spanish Tax Agency will ask you on this question, so even if you do not live in Spain but you own a property in this country you must pay taxes as a non-resident known as imputed income in Non-Residents Income Tax (IRNR), whereas you are a tax resident in Spain and obtain incomes from another country you must pay for you worldwide income in Personal Income Tax (IRPF), and/or if you wealth exceeds 500.000,00 euros (depending on the Autonomous Community) you will have to pay Wealth Tax.
Our law firm will help you to resolve these issues and fill in tax declarations properly.
Do you have any doubts about inheritance? Do you own a property in Spain and in other countries and do not know how this must be distributed for each heir and how many taxes you must pay?
Our lawyers will advise you regarding inheritances and tax issues, considering its international character and they will help you to draw up your will correctly.
Regarding international inheritance proceedings, first of all, we need to figure out which is the applicable law, that it is not always an easy question, so that depending on the legislation, inheritance can be adhered to a different legislation being essential to establish the applicable law, taking into account it is not possible to apply different legislations. Without a will these procedures take longer and become more expensive.