Spanish legal services

Comprehensive legal advice

Comprehensive legal advice

At Koperus Business and Legal Services, our lawyers, specialised in various legal fields, will deal with and solve any legal concern and will offer you the best solution, assuming defence counsel at legal procedures in Criminal, Civil, Administration Law and in Arbitration.

Spanish lawyers

Business management, accountancy and tax advice

Business management, accountancy and tax advice

Our professional team will assist you at any time, offering you a personalised assistance and they will give you all the legal information, they will perform an economic report and viability analysis if needed, they will develop your business plan and will register your company considering your needs, helping during the licence process, regarding accountancy, tax declarations, labour law relations and pay-roll management.

Law firm in Spain

Property management

Property management

We guarantee you legal security when it comes to perform a real estate transaction and we will assist you in running your properties in Spain.
Our finance and tax advisors will help you to obtain the best heritage yield rate and our lawyers will advise you concerning your rights and responsibilities.


International Team

Our national and international professional experience will offer you a quick and effective solution.

Individual focus

Personalized customer attention


Due to our experience and professionalism

Legal services

Setting- up companies

Legal advice, management and setting- up corporate companies and other legal entities.

International and multidisciplinary team

Our lawyers will assist you in Spanish, Russian, French, English and Catalan.

Personal income and corporation tax advice

Our professionals will resolve any problem related to tax matters.

Court Assistance

Our wide professional experience allows us to face any legal procedure, no matter how difficult it is.

Real estate transactions

Legal advice in real estate transactions.

Residence procedures

We carry out formalities when it comes to obtain a residence authorisation.