Start your Startup with legal consulting from Koperus professionals

People who want to start new business already know the term StartUp.

What is a Startup really?

StartUp – in the business field refers to a project or business that is in its beginning with a tendency of progressive growth. And how can a person without special knowledge in economics, but with a desire to be a captain of his life and have a job that he likes and that benefits him, start it? So what should you do to start a Startup? If you do not know, Koperus International Law company has an entrepreneur support program and development of Startup projects. You just have to represent the idea of your business, with all the formalities we help you.

What is the Koperus Startup Development Program?

If your project is in the field of new technologies or innovative ideas. Koperus offers entrepreneurs advice on legal issues, as well as economic structuring, when setting up a new business, at no initial cost. Koperus international professional office that will deal with the most essential questions when setting up a business, such as legal elements, corporate forms, economic and financial structuring, taxation issues, capital movements (especially if they come from outside, intellectual property issues that include the registration of trademarks, patents and copyrights. The founders of a StartUp will be assisted in the most important questions that an entrepreneur must know when planning her business and thus they will be able to avoid the long-term negative consequences of not having foreseen these issues in time.

Why collaborating with KOPERUS is beneficial?

Koperus – is a multidisciplinary international professional office, made up of multilingual lawyers, specialized in various branches of Spanish and international law, as well as professionals and consultants from different fields, in order to offer entrepreneurs the global advice they need. A team with solid experience in business management and support, being a perfect combination of experience and dynamism, made up of experts with many years in the business sector and eager to offer their support to entrepreneurs with promising and ambitious startup projects. There are several ways to collaborate for the founders with Koperus Startups and International Professional Office:
  • If we approve your project and you like our premises and how we work – we will enter as partners in the project,
  • If you do not want a legal partner in your project or maybe we cannot participate in it, you can hire the services you need from our outsourcing team. In one way or another, we will be happy to help you and make your project a success.
Koperus professionals will accompany you in all stages, from the execution of a business plan to the full implementation of the project, with the achievement of the result and execution of the goals.
  • Legal advice and management
  • Cost evaluation and financial solutions
  • Strategies
  • Registered office, office workspace, meeting rooms and business events room
  • Networking
  • Administrative management
  • Tax-accounting management
  • Direction of negotiations
  • Translations
  • International markets

Which Startup project can win assistance and management?

Send us to the description of your project, the volume of investment that you think it may need, with what means you have for its execution, how many people you are and the functions of each one that you want to develop in the project (only in the case that requires personal dedication), how many workers do you think it will need and their qualification. We will assess your project and quote you to discuss the details. The criteria by which the project will be evaluated and approved, if applicable:
  • If it’s innovative
  • Social utility
  • Possibilities of short-term growth
  • Volume of economic investment
  • If its execution is feasible
  • Profitability

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