The new Law 6/2017 of 24th of October, about the Urgent Measures for the self-employed, has already entered into force

  The new Law of the self-employed (Law 6/2017 of 24 of October, about the Urgent Measures for the Self-employed), has already been approved and entered in force. This law introduces 16 measures to increase the number of self-employed, to promote the employability, the active retirement and to make flexible the procedures and regulation. It promotes measures as: the increase from six months to one year of the 50 euros flat rate for the new self-employed, the reduction of the Social Security surcharges for the debts in the first month of delay, tax bonus for the pluriactivity and maternity, also it boosts the capacity to contract at the same time that boosts the active retirement and the sharing of knowledge, in this way, the self-employed that have employees will be able to combine work and the 100% of their pensions. Also, we should mention that the self-employed will be able to change four times per year the contribution base to adapt it better to the incomes and expenses. And other measures.  

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