The Congress approves the reform of the Criminal Procedure Act Basic axes of approval

The Congress approves the reform of the Criminal Procedure Act Basic axes of approval.

Basic axes of approval:
  1. a) Control of duration of case
Although initially left it to the Attorney control the length of the causes, this initiative has changed in the parliamentary process. The Public Ministry will not be the only party that can apply for extensions to the deadline is extended to the rest of the proceedings personates the possibility of requesting an extension of time.
  1. b) Complex Crimes
Crimes committed by groups or criminal organizations, aimed at numerous offenses, involving large numbers of taxpayers or victims require performing skills involving the review of extensive documentation or complicated analysis, they are considered complex involving make performances abroad, need to review the management of private or public legal persons, or are terrorism.
  1. c) Protection of image and privacy of detainees at the time of arrest
It is obliged to protect the image, honor and privacy of the detainees at the time of his arrest and subsequent practice transfers, with the intention to “ensure respect for their constitutional rights.”
  1. d) The interception of communications affect WhatsApp
The Criminal Procedure Act also provides measures developments in technological research, according to the minister, make compatible the rights of “persons investigated” with the actions of the investigators. The interception of communications-which affect WhatsApp, SMS, ambientales– listen with judicial authorization valuing principles specialty, uniqueness, appropriateness and proportionality expands.
  1. e) New in incommunicado arrested
Developments related to the isolation of those arrested were also introduced. Judges must justify its decision in an order authorizing such detention.In addition, we have included the requirement that they be arrested incommunicado undergo two medical examinations every 24 hours to check their physical and mental state.

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