Mobile World Congress 2018

Legal services during the Mobile World Congress 2018. Intellectual and industrial property.

  From the 26th of February till 1st of march of 2018, the Mobile World Congress 2018 it is going to take place in the city of Barcelona. As every year, it will be a space where a big number of companies will concur in competition and will happen a big number of world premieres of developments and innovations that affect technologic patents. In such an event, can arise conflicts that affect the intellectual and industrial property rights of the participating companies, such as: the need to interpose precautionary measures in relation to patents, technologic innovations or industrial designs, also the trademark and property intellectual rights infringement, the antitrust defence, and acts involving unfair competition and illegal advertising In this Law firm, we want to remind you that if you or your company have a conflict of the ones we mentioned above or similar ones, we are always, but especially during February and the days of the celebration of the Mobile World Congress 2018, at your service to urge the necessary measures for the defence and assurance of your rights. In Koperus, we are aware about the importance of the protection of you and your company products and innovations’, and the need to act urgently to interpose the necessary measures for a proper protection and defence of your interests. All of that, knowing that the Mercantile Courts of Barcelona have a preventive and special on-call service during this February and the celebration of the Mobile World Congress 2018.

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