ESET: The scammers steal bank card data through WhatsApp

  ESET experts (computer security company) warn WhatsApp users about a new phishing attack. The scammers report at the end of the subscription to the service and under this pretext they steal payment data. The potential victim receives an email from WhatsApp which informs that the trial period for using WhatsApp is finished and that, to renew the subscription, the user is offered to follow a link and update the payment information.   The fact that in the past WhatsApp charged a monthly fee after a year of free use contributes to the deception. However, the App refused to apply more this payment in January 2016, and now is free for subscribers. The link leads to a fraudulent phishing site, with a bank card data entry form. Needless to say, that the information entered will be directly sent to the attackers and will be used to withdraw funds from the victim’s account.

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