Compliance, a free conference for business entities, on January 17th 2019

Lawyers and advisors of the international law firm KOPERUS will explain to the business community the necessity of setting up a compliance program and the ways to make profit out of it.

In the recent year you may have heard about Compliance as a way to prevent your company from incurring in criminal liability, and you know it’s an upward trend.

Many entrepreneurs think of Compliance as “a costly chore that may save you from jail tomorrow”.

Well, Compliance is much more than just that – although an effective protection against a possible criminal liability is already a good reason for its implementation. It can also help your company optimize its internal resources and generate a higher profitability, as well as avoid administrative sanctions.

Do you know why Compliance is a necessity, how to apply it and make it profitable?

In the link you will find information about the Compliance conference organized by the international law firm KOPERUS that will take place on January 17th 2019 at 10:00 a.m., in the conference room located in Calle Borrell i Soler 8, Barcelona (Pedralbes). There you will learn about the necessity of implementing Compliance models, about the potential risk you are exposed to and liability you may face if you fail to do so, and about the benefits and competitive advantages that Compliance brings.

Conference attendance is free of charge but registration and confirmation are required.

The conference will be repeated in English later at 12:00 noon, only if there is enough quorum. Those who register for the conference in English, please inform us if you would be willing to attend the conference in Spanish instead, in case there is not enough quorum for the session in English.

KOPERUS – is an international law firm, made up of multilingual lawyers specialized in different branches of Spanish and international law, as well as professionals and advisors in different fields, which gives comprehensive advice to business entities.

The COMPLIANCE department of KOPERUS is composed of lawyers specialized in the area of Commercial Law, Criminal Law and Tax Law, as well as advisors in security and risk management.

We develop COMPLIANCE protocols according to the needs of each company, including:

  • the protocols of Data Protection,
  • Occupational Hazards,
  • Prevention of Money Laundering,
  • Prevention of Criminal Liability,
  • Code of Ethics and Conduct,
  • Internal procedure protocols.

We accompany the business in their implementation and carry out inspections to verify their proper functioning.

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