Real Estate trading and management

Our professionals will assist you during the buying and selling project, from the economical evaluation until the registration as an owner and later regarding management.

When carrying out a transaction, and especially with the buying agreement, there are some risks that can be avoided.
If you are toying with the idea of buying a property in Spain, it is required to evaluate some risks and prevent the negative consequences while negotiating and checking the properties. Sometimes, it can be quite difficult to discover failures and problems without legal advice. Our experts, according with their wide experience, will help you to ensure everything is fine in order to achieve the results.

When buying a property, we offer the following services:

  • Enquiries about Spanish legislation, regarding trading in Spain and tax issues.
  • Verification of the legal situation of the property at the Property Register and at the Cadastre.
  • Checking the other party faculties.
  • Negotiation with the other party.
  • Obtainment and verification of all the documents that are needed when carrying out a transaction
  • Power of attorney paperwork
  • NIE processing for foreigners in Spain
  • Writing agreements such as option of trading or deposit agreement in Spanish/Russian Spanish/English; Spanish/French using double column.
  • Notary assistance
  • Tax declarations
  • Trading registration at the Property Register

When it comes to administrate your heritage, our Real Estate team will assist you with:

  • Payment of bills
  • Payment of taxes related to a property
  • Personal income declarations for non-residents when they must pay taxes for having a property in Spain (imputed income)
  • Rent management
    Maintenance services management
  • Processing/ renovation of the habitability certificate.